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Nunik, 2023

2023 / Armenia
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Society creates stereotypes, and people obey them regardless of their will. Society surrounds us. There are people who will inevitably be around us, but oftentimes society decides that those who are not like the majority do not have a place around them. Nunik is a little girl living in a small corner of this big world, trying to change it. Nunik brings his autistic brother to the in-laws during her elder sister's wedding, ignoring the parents' prohibition. At that age, perhaps not fully realizing it, but with an inner certainty, she knows that we reject nature and God by rejecting what is different from us.

Runtime 40 minutes
Production year 2023
Cast and Crew
Showtimes Currently, the movie is not shown in the cinema, but we can send you a message when this movie appears again at the box office
2023, USA, Sci-Fi, Action
2022, Canada / USA, Action, Adventure, Animation
2023, USA, Action, Crime
2023, Great Britain / Spain, Action, Thriller, Crime
2023, USA, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
2023, USA, Romantic, Adventure, Fantasy
2023, USA, Horror
2023, USA / Japan, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
2023, USA, Comedy
2023, Armenia, Comedy
2022, Finland / Great Britain, Action, War
2023, Russia, Children's, Animation
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