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Amoureux de ma femme Amoureux de ma femme
Amoureux de ma femme

Amoureux de ma femme, 2018

2018 / France
5.9 Rate
14 votes IMDb Rating: 5.4
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A man fantasizes about his best friend's new girlfriend. He is willing to throw caution to the wind to fulfill his wildest dreams.

5.9 Rate
14 votes IMDb Rating: 5.4
Runtime 1 hour 24 minutes
Production year 2018
Online premiere May 7, 2019
World premiere April 26, 2018
Budget €6,300,000
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Film rating
Rate 14 votes
5.4 IMDb
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Our Review
When the French have nothing particularly significant to say, they talk about love. Well, not exactly love. Rather, about passion and life conveniences, which often contradict each other. Undoubtedly, this theme is international and fertile ground for developing ideas. But is it worth transferring this idea to the big screen? "The Other Woman" is an adaptation of a play by the incredibly popular and fashionable French playwright Florian Zeller, who himself rewrote it into a…
Andrey Prikazchik November 15, 2018, 00:19
приятный во всех отношениях фильм, где есть все составляющие французское счастье. Лирика и страсть, желание и возможность обладать. Влюблённость и… Read more…
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